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Giving by Giving Up


On this Giving Tuesday I’m thinking about all the things I have and why I have them.  I remember going off to college carrying everything important in one car load, mostly in milk crates.  These days we have a lot of stuff.  A house, a car, more computers than people to use them.  Supplies for every possible emergency from flashlights and canned food to extra blankets.  A VCR in the basement that doesn’t even work anymore.  Kitchen gadgets for every occasion.

I always find that packing for travel makes me prioritize my needs.  I own 5 fleece jackets but I only bring one.  I have shelves full of books but I only bring my e-reader.  I have 5 scarves and 8 different hats but I only have one head and one neck to keep warm.

This year and every year around the turn of the year we are bombarded by holiday advertising and endless marketing exhorting us to buy buy BUY.  But we have a choice to give instead.

On this Giving Tuesday I would like to give up some more stuff and refocus on living and giving and experiencing the world.  I would like to take my extra hats and fuzzy jackets and gloves down to the Salvation Army and hope that they will end up keeping someone warm instead of hanging on a peg in my hall.  I would like to hug my son and help him remember that having more stuff will not make you happier or better or more successful than anyone else.  It will just make you need a bigger house.

Happy Travels!

November 27, 2012 |
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