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Taking the Kids to London – A Mom’s Guide


Frequently Asked Questions A Moms Guide for Trip to London

With a lot to discover, London welcomes kids of all ages. However, traveling and moving around with kids is not so easy. This is the reason that one requires to plan the trip sensibly so that neither the kids become restless nor the parents hamper their enjoyment.

Here are a few of your answers to all the queries that a mother comes across when traveling to London with little ones.

Which area in London is suitable to stay with kids?

Central London is the best area to stay with kids. This will enable you to reach most of the famous attractions conveniently core most of them are located in the heart of London. Saving your travel time and spending it on rather fun-filled activities is necessary when you have kids along.

In addition, carting the little darlings back and forth and taking break during sightseeing often becomes possible only if you are staying in an easy location. However, cost of accommodation in this area is a little higher than the countryside.

What kind of accommodations is available in Central London? Do they have kitchenette facility?

Almost all types of family hotels, ranging from cheap to luxury are available in London. Many of these hotels offer microwave, refrigerator and electric tea kettles, if not the kitchenette. Easy preparations like pasta and porridge can be prepared for your kids. Kitchenettes are available in apartment hotels which may cost you higher if you are in London for less than a week.


Should I book hotel in London in advance? Is it safe to book online?

It is completely safe to book online and always better to book your room in advance to avoid non-availability at the last minute. Several websites offer discounts on  online bookings and have secure payment mode to make online transactions.

Some of the best websites offering hotel bookings are, and However, there are some less renowned but efficient websites offering attractive room rates on family hotels. Try browsing through or These are selected websites with their focus dedicatedly on best hotels in London available at the most competitive prices.

What is the best means of transportation to move around London?

Bus network is much easier than the London tube if you are travelling with kids. Because bus network is on street level and so, one does not need to hike up and down a flight of stairs. The buses also contain a space for strollers inside the back door that makes it convenient for the parents to load.  However, learning the routes may be a bit daunting. Spend some time with someone who can explain you all. London buses application allows you to access the route though iPhone if you have one.  In addition, beautiful cabs may catch your eye, but regularly hiring will drain your pockets.

Where can I dine with kids reasonably and comfortably?

Although London is popular as an expensive city, it offers some of the most reasonable options for dining too. There are plenty of food choices ranging from falafel shops, pizza shops, burger joints and noodle houses that will delight your kids. Some of the favourites of mom who have earlier travelers to London are Wagamama and Tidbits in Covent Garden Market. River Cafe is equally popular among visitors.

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Can we relish some realistic sightseeing with our little ones?

Prioritising is the key when you have kids along in a big city like London. Consider how much time is required to see sights and how long it takes to travel from one place to another.  Some of the favourites that can be visited with kids are:

  • Tower of London: Let you kids explore the historicity of the capital at this 1000 year old structure with lively yeoman storytellers.
  • Covent Garden: This is an ideal place to visit with kids since they can sit, relax and eat here. The street entertainers always delight the little guests visiting London. London Transport museum also lies here.
  • Big Bus Double Decker Tour: This typical London experience offers an overview of the city.
  • Tower Bridge: If your kids love the rhyme “London Bridge is Falling Down”, do not let them miss this one. Let them know how actually it falls down.
  • London Eye: You kids will not spare if they are aware of this huge Ferris Wheel located in London. Take a flight in one of its capsules and let the little ones have en experience of lifetime.
  • Hamley’s: If you would love to buy some awesome toys and games for your kids, this is one stop destination for you. They produce toys themselves and shopping for kids is real fun here.

Have a nice holiday with kids during their vacation!!!

Author’s Bio: Sonam writes to share her past travel experiences. An active contributor to a leading travel website, she regularly posts informative and interesting write-ups on the web.





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